Car Wash

Deluxe – Car Wash and Clean



We have a custom built centralised industrial vacuum with 8 overhead vacuum drops with excellent suction to ensure the best possible result in the quickest possible time.

Vacuum 5

Our vacuum process includes vacuuming all mats, foot wells, seats and boot of your vehicle.

Hand Car Wash

We have a dedicated wash bay where we can clean 4 cars at once while you watch from the cafe.



Our high pressure rinse of the vehicles exterior including the wheels effectively removes all harmful surface dirt prior to the hand wash process. This important step eliminates harmful contaminants from your vehicle.

Hand Wash

All vehicles are washed by hand and we spend the time to ensure a complete and thorough wash paying close attention to the hard-to-reach areas.

We use high quality shampoo in custom built stainless steel wash basins. We only use special microfibre cleaning cloths on your vehicle which provides the best and safest cleaning process.

Wheel Clean

Our wheel wash process effectively cleans grime and brake dust from your wheels.

We only use the best products and processes on your wheels to ensure all the brake dust is removed. We do not use harmful products that could damage the paint on your wheels.

This leaves your vehicle with sparkling clean rims.

Final Spray

After finishing the washing processes we provide the car with a final rinse before we take the vehicle out for the finishing process.


After your vehicle is washed it is moved to the finishing area which is again visible from the cafe



The entire outside of the vehicle is dried with the best quality microfibre cloths which are specially designed for this service. These cloths are washed after each use.

Glass Clean

We use our secret process to effectively clean your windows inside and out with special microfibre window cloths. This provides a sparkling finish with no smudge marks and is safe for all windows including those tinted.

Interior Clean & Deodoriser 

We wipe your dash and console to remove dirt and dust. We spray a deodoriser in your vehicle so it smells like new.

Tyre Shine

We apply a good quality tyre shine for a long lasting protective shine.


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