Car Detailing

Our Detailing Shop

Why the Detail Shop @ Ecospray

–          We provide professional car detailing with over 15 years experience

–          A dedicated detailing shop with all the best equipment and products

–          We care and spend the time to get the best results (on average about 6 hours per car)

–          We evaluate your car and use the right products and equipment to guarantee a mirror finish to the paintwork with no swirl marks

–          We finish every car with the best carnauba wax which seals the finish and resists dirt and pollution more than usual, as your paintwork in smother.

Detail Shop

Car Detailing

We provide either full detailing (interior and exterior) from $310 (see price list), interior from $210 or exterior detailing from $215 .

Below we have outlined our car detailing processes. Further down we have information (including illustrations) on paint defects and what detailing does to your vehicle and some example images.




–          Vehicle thoroughly shampooed

–          Remove contamination from the vehicle – including the paintwork, lights, and glass

–          Vehicle shampooed again and dried with microfiber towel

Paint Work

–          Paintwork assessment (condition, identify defects, thickness)

–          Select the correct grade of polish and equipment to correct defects

–          Select the correct grade of polish and equipment to polish and gloss remainder of the paintwork

–          Stage 1 – Remove defects identified in the paintwork through targeted detailing

–          Stage 2 – Lightly polish the remainder of the paintwork to remove light scratching while not removing too much of the clear coat

–          Stage 3 – High gloss polish to remove any swirl marks to ensure the mirror gloss finish.

–          Ensure all the polish and products are thoroughly cleaned from the paintwork

–          Apply a few coats of high grade Carnauba Wax

Wheels and Tyres

–          Shampoo the wheels with special wheel cleaner to remove brake dust without damaging the paintwork.

–          Condition the Tyres


–          Rejuvenate all rubbers and plastics on the vehicle

–          Clean the glass to streak free shine

–          Clean door jams

–          Clean engine bay (on request)

–          Final inspection of the exterior to ensure a high quality finish


–          Vacuum the entire floors, mats, seats and boot.

–          Steam Clean and Shampoo all carpet and mats to remove embedded dirt and stains

–          Steam Clean seats (material or cloth)

–          Extraction of shampoo from carpet, mats and seat cloth

–          Clean the leather seats

–          Condition the leather seats

–          Clean dashboard and console

–          Condition dashboard and console

–          Clean the inside glass using mircofibre cloths

We also wash and clean the outside of your vehicle

Understanding Detailing (Paint Correction)

Why should you….

Your vehicle is regularly exposed to contaminants and foreign debris every day which causes defects into your paint finish. These could range from scratches, swirls marks or even just contamination (that may not be visible) all of which impacts the look and reflection of your paintwork.

The illustration below shows some of the typical paint defects you may or may not see on your vehicle.

Detailing - Paint Defects

Correcting these defects requires professional skill, the right products/ equipment and time.

Trying this yourself or giving your vehicle to sub-standard detailers can actually result in worse results as it may add swirl marks or buffing mark into your paintwork (as illustrated above).


The illustration below shows the paints layers following the detailing process. The result is that the paint work is smooth, with scratches removed (depending on depth) and like a mirror shine.

Detailed - Paint Finish

Detailing Illustrations

Example of a car detailed by us with black pearl paint. See the mirror finish and no swirl marks even though the paintwork is dark.


Another illustrative example of a Porsche which the bonnet has been half detailed on the left see the difference before and after.


Photo of a detailed door with a flawless mirror finish with again no swirl marks.



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